Google Photos Gallery with Shortcodes Plugin

A step by step guide

An excellent option for those wishing to add photo galleries to their Wordpress site is the Google Photos Gallery with Shortcodes plugin. This plugin allows you to display on any Wordpress post or page a photo gallery of images from any Google Photos album. It is easy to use, but a few steps may not be obvious. Here is my step-by-step "How to" guide.

Most people will want to upgrade to the Pro version. It is worth the modest cost for the ability to insert a photo gallery directly on any page without requiring users to click through from a master collection of all albums. Here is an example. This guide assumes you have the Pro version.

  1. Create an album in Google Photos with the images you wish to display in your photo gallery.
  2. To display your album as a photo gallery on a web page, login to Wordpress for your website.
  3. Open or create the page or post where you wish to display the gallery, adding an appropriate page title.
  4. In the Wordpress Dashboard, scroll down to find “Google Photos” and click on it. Just below "Google Photos" you will now see “Shortcode examples”. Click on it.
  5. On this page under Google Photo Album Details, find the album name of the album you wish to display, and copy the example shortcode. There is an shortcode example for each of your photo albums.
  6. Go back to editing the page where you wish the gallery to be displayed. In the content area, paste the example shortcode you just copied. Example: [cws_gpp_images_by_albumid theme=grid id="6568840572809453141"]
  7. Optionally, you can change the styling by adding in the above brackets show_title='0' or show_details='0' to suppress the album title or image titles. Add any other conten you wish before or after the shortcode.
  8. Publish or Update the page, and it is ready to view.