WebEx audio bug

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Sometimes WebEx Personal Room will not pick up audio from the selected microphone. I am running Windows 10 Pro with the WebEx app.

I have seen on more than one occasion that I could not pick up sound from one or more microphones even as these microphones work with other applications. I usually have two or three, a combination of

  1. Internal laptop microphone
  2. Logitech webcam
  3. Logitech headset.

Today, #2 would give me audio, but if I selected #1 or #3, no audio could be heard. In the past when experiencing such problems, I had assumed that I was failing to unmute one of the three controls (on-screen, laptop, headset mute) or thought it might be a system problem. Today I had time to troubleshoot and confirmed it is a problem with WebEx Personal Room. (I did not test other WebEx sessions.)

When experiencing the problem with WebEx Personal Room, I was able to switch to Audacity and successfully record with the microphones that were “dead” to WebEx.

How I fixed it

While troubleshooting, I was a bad boy and changed two variables at once, so I do not know which is relevant:

  1. Moved the headset from a Lenovo USB dock to a laptop USB port.
  2. Made the headset the system default “Default communication device.”

After these two changes, the headset started working.

Now the fun part: after moving the headset back to the dock and changing the system default communication device back to the webcam, as they were originally configured, the headset microphone still worked. That is, make these two above changes solved the problem, and changing the two things back did not break it again.

Have you experienced this bug? If so, could you try one of the two changes at a time to see which is key? If you can determine this, please let me know at matthews@wfu.edu and I will update this page.